HUGE Changes!

61-05There are going to be huge changes to this blog and the site is going to have new purpose. I will completely understand those of you who subscribed to my storytelling blog if you unsubscribe as these changes may not be what you want to read about.

After getting back from attending the birth of my grandson Kyle I really struggled with writing any story or blog entry of any kind. I came really close to deleting this site completely as there was nothing in my mind to write. One of the things I did was take part in a series by Good Catholic called Mary – Undoer of Knots. While going through each day of this 21 day program (not done yet either) I began praying about my blog. Should I dump it or is there something else to do with it.

This morning the answer to this prayer was in my head as I said my morning rosary. First was the thought of my Papa telling me how he escaped from a German Work Farm during World War I. My daughters don’t really know that story so my grandson won’t hear it as he grows up. What about my Gran who lived her whole life with a unclosed hole in her heart? So many family stories flashed through my head – My blog! That was the answer! It could be the place where I write down all those stories, with family pictures of course. But it also could be more than the stories I remember. It can be a place for my husband’s stories that he shares. My sister could add to it. My daughters could too, my nieces, my brother-in-law too. After all he grew up in New York, what tales he might share so different from where his wife/my sister grew up. There a many items in our keepsake containers and the blog will be where I put a picture and why it is special. Copies of love letters from grandparents, the last letter from a great, great uncle. So many pieces of OUR history.

So this is a call to all of my family! Write down a story to share with the rest of the family. Send it to me in messenger. Add pictures if you have them or I will find some in our family pictures. Before it is forgotten or lost like Mamie’s Crab-apple Jelly. Yes, special recipes like that will be shared here too so they WON’T be lost. The stories do not have to be in order or anything like that. Put a date or approximate date or year so that we will know roughly when it was but they are going in as they are remembered or submitted.

So, here comes stories from the Broomfield’s, Verhaeghe’s, Cnop’s, Hillyer’s, Hammond’s, Potvin’s, Hazzard’s, and Gilman’s history to share with family and friends before they are forgotten.