It Has Been Awhile


I know it has been awhile since I have posted any stories and that is besides the holidays and family commitments. I have been pondering the future of the blog as it is nearly a year and renewal is coming up. I am a firm believer in people recording their stories as before one knows it one has gone home and all that is left is your stories and memories. It is just if I want to keep them on the internet. The quick answer is no I don’t. Especially paying to have a short web address. So with that short answer my stories are going to continue in a folder on a external hard-drive that my daughters will find when going through our stuff. Family stories probably done video style, telling stories. Some written. Lots of pictures too, hopefully with explanations of who they are. The two boxes of keepsakes will have explanations of who made that ugly sweater, why it was kept and what it means to the family. Plus, all the other keepsakes. Robert and I have always tried to keep the keepsakes to two regular Rubbermaid bins and no more than that because beyond that it is a chore and special things will be tossed without being looked at. All of these plans are going to probably take a really long time and so being busy on it off line is truly the easiest way to go.

So, in about a month or so this WordPress account will disappear and the stories will continue much more personal. I still invite any of the family who have a story to share please send it through Messenger or email and I will certainly put it in the family folder for the future.

Blessings and Love23

Alicia J. Potvin

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