Halloween – (Broomfield)

1380627_228186347342532_467684343_nThis was my favourite day. At school in the early days you could wear a costume but it had to be your patron saint or at least a special saint. Mom had a white tunic made for me with red velvet trim on the sleeves, neck and at the bottom. As well, a beautiful double armed cross. Dad made a sword and shield covering it with silver foil as well as painting the same double arm cross on the shield. I was Joan of Arc. Sadly no picture was taken with my white and red tunic and black leggings as I stood proudly in class holding my shield and sword and announced my patron saint St. Joan. One year I won a lovely little Hubbel figure for first place I was so proud to give that to Mom when I got home.

Once school was finished it was time to change and get bundled up for trick or treating. One year I was the wicked queen from Snow White although something was lost getting the extra clothes to keep warm as you can see. To this day I have no idea how we managed to cover all the territory that we managed. Often it was Pam and Beth Lee that came over to go out together. We covered the two mile strip around my house first with dad following with the car. After finishing1962 Dressed up for Halloween them we went down the road to the sub-division nearby and covered both sides of the street, hitting every house. We would then get back into the car and head to what was called the Pines in town and go to every house that my dad knew which was nearly everyone there. We would also cover a couple of businesses that Dad knew and maybe one or two more friends in the sub-division at the top of the hill on the other side of town. Thank goodness for really strong and big pillow cases which was our choice for hauling our candy. By this time everyone’s feet were sore and legs were tired and we were all ready to go home and check out our haul. Dad would drop my friends at their places and I would nearly fall asleep in the car on the way home. Once there, of course, there was that third or fourth wind in order to dump out the pillow case to check out what I got. Sorting before bed was just as much fun as getting the stuff. I know my Mom and Dad went in and got something for themselves but that was okay, I had enough candy to last until Christmas.

When we were in figure skating and there was the skating show that we were in at the end of the season sometimes the costumes that were made for the show was perfect for Halloween too and friends that were together in the group went out trick or treating together, just like we skated together. Halloween was a full, full night covering miles with friends, we rarely did any tricks except the very, very few that had their lights on and yet didn’t answer the door – they got some soap on their windows but in all my years of treating I can only remember doing that twice. Everyone went out from house to house until they were finished elementary school which was grade eight. Once in High School it was the Halloween Dance after going around dressed up all day.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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