Pig Tails – (Verhaeghe)

PapaPapa use to tell me the story of when he was about 5 years old, one of the dishes that his mother would make was fried pig’s tails. Now that is something that I have never seen but he explained that it was very crunchy and with salt they were like fried chips.

He and his friend were outside playing in the dirt near the pigpen. Most homes had farm animals for the family use. Now, there were piglets in the pen and one was sleeping with his butt snuggled up to the fence. His little pigtail was sticking outside the fence and Papa and his friend were crouched down there looking at it and discussing it very seriously.

Both Papa and his friend loved fried pigtails very much and thought that they could have a small bite of this little pigtail while the pig was sleeping. Now each of them wanted to go first. Papa thought he should go first since it was his idea but his friend insisted and pushed him out of the way as he bent down.

Papa watched as his friend bit down hard on the tail. Well, the piglet squealed sleeping pigletand bolted from the fence. The friend’s tooth was stuck in the ligaments of the tail and his face was yanked forward to smash against the fence hard enough to make his nose bleed and pull his tooth out. He ran screaming to his mother with Papa following close behind. The mothers had been sitting on the porch darning socks when the two ran up, the mothers jumped up to help the child. Papa’s friend was screaming and jumping up and down in front of his mother pointing at Papa.

Papa’s mother did not wait for any explanation from Papa or the other boy but grabbed him and turned him around and smacked his bottom hard. It would not have been so bad a smack if she did not still have the darning needle in her hand at the time. So not only did he have more of a reason to cry by having a needle stuck in his bum he felt bad because he did not even get to taste the pig’s tail either.

1958 April - Me and Papa

Story Note – All stories will have a title for easy finding and which family it is about in brackets. Stories take place from the beginning of the 1900s to present and therefore there will be things that may not go over well in a present day mind. Spankings were only a couple of swats on the bottom. Pets were not the fluffy pampered animals of today but working animals who earned their keep as well as being loved by the children. Smoking and drinking was a normal part of life even if Moms were pregnant or kids were present in the car or room, especially smoking.

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